s/o to this kook


my dad asked me to clean up a doodle he did 20 years ago for his old beach crew. i did one better and made shirts for him to give to the homies. happy father's day. 


Dave Frey Forever

We love you, Dave. Thanks for bringing us all together again. Your space was flooded with friends, family, acquaintances, admirers... Forever inspired by you. #bigdaveforever

Dave Frey has been and will always be a major source of inspiration to me. The Paper Agency will live on in his honor.

Help support Dave's family in our time of loss: gofundme.com/davefrey

Uniform Cable Co.

I recently took a stab at making my own guitar cables. It went surprisingly well. Neutrik Golds and Mogami cable wrapped in heat/abrasion resistant sleeving. More to come.